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Ignatiev, Noel, How the Irish Became White, (Routledge, NY, 1995)

How the Irish working class, especially from the 1830s on, became assimilated into mainstream white U.S. culture, and became a particular source of racist and anti-abolitionist violence in American cities, despite the anti-slavery leadership of Daniel O'Connell and others, from the old country, and their initial fairly ready mixing with, and often sympathy for, free blacks.

Ireland, Joseph N., Records of the New York Stage from 1750 to 1860. (New York 1866-67; also Burt Franklin 1968).

Irwin, Ray W., Daniel D. Tomkins; Governor of New York and Vice President of the United States (NY 1968).

Served as governor 1807-1816, then became Vice President under Monroe, serving til 1825. "Prior to retiring from the governorship of New York he sent a message dated 1/17/17, urging that a day be set for declaring the abolition of slavery in the state" (Harpers Encyc. of U.S. History, 1905).

In 1820, he was put in the running to be governor again. MVB unsuccessfully opposed his candidacy because of Tomkins' heavy drinking - at least in that period of his life.

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