Essays on Broad Subjects

Social Reform, Instrumental Reason, and "Ends" of History:
Groping for a Usable  Anything in the Sphere of Social Action

A Paper presented for a PDR on the history of ideas at Rutgers U. (conducted by James Livingston & Donald Kelley)

Ways of Thinking About History

Microhistory or "master narrative", atomism or organicism, reductionism or holism.  To systemize or not to systemize.

Big Ideas in the History of the Early Republic

An overview of historiography, "history with a purpose", master narratives, and all that.

"Southern Honor", Transcendentalism, and Refusal to Be a "Cog in the Machine"

 If you're looking for a short one, this is it.

An Overview of Readings (esp. online) on Jacksonian America

American Self, and the Relevance of History of the Early Republic

The Predictive, the Normative, the Volitional, the Promissory

Speech Acts and Self Creation

Why Write About History, and Particularly that of the Early American Republic?

My early Intellectual Influences

Rapture of the Deep

Science and Coherence

On Making a "Frontal Assault on Knowledge"

Rough Beginning of an Autobiography

Coming Soon: