Migrating Code from Perl to Python


Survey of Existing aids to Perl ==> Python conversion.

Survey of Existing aids to Perl ==> Python conversion.

There is an actual book "Perl to Python Migration" by Martin Brown, but it is 18 years old (2001). I'll let you know what I think of it some day. Maybe it will still be good for some simple cases.

There was a flurry of work almost 20 years ago, and many tools you will find reference to are from that period

The Good News: something being worked on right now: Pyperler, by Timo ___ a successor to pyperl. Its object isn't to translate perl to python, but to permit perl code to be embedded in Python, with well defined interfaces, and, perhaps best, to hopefully allow wholesale importation of python modules, from the thousands currated at CPAN into python. This could make my job, of converting a complex systme from perl to python much more reasonable (I hope).

pyperl was the predecessor of pyperler, and seems too old to work on any but very old versions of perl and/or python.

TOOLS: For very miniman translation, there is perl2python. It is a toy really, able to deal with a set of a couple of dozen statement patterns.

I've made a couple of improvements, and may make more as I go along.

At best, I see it as possibly useful, when I've made adequate improvements, for the hundreds of small scripts I have.

I've found references to bridgekeeper, some of which say it is available to download at crazy-compilers.com, but when I looked into it, I found the author is just looking for consulting contracts, and if it exists, you can't get it for free.