Events and Dates in 1827

Date and Month Unknown:

January, 1827

01/09 - The city council (of Baltimore) unanimously passes a bill to establish public schools. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p30)

February, 1827

02/10 - Shortly after taking on the Park St. pastorage, at request of "Auxilliary Education Society of the Young Men of Boston", Edward Beecher delivered (later published) "a lecture ostensibly about 'the imporance of the christian ministry, and the duty of men to ... increase its numbers'", which showed an anticipation of "transcendental doctrine of correspondence". It described a "great moral conflict" between God and the Devil; the world being a "battlefield -- the watterloo of the Universe". (Source: Meredith, Politics of the Universe)

02/15 - Anne Royall ([backward],[forward]) published her one  novel, The Tennessean, in New Haven, CT. It got a very poor reception, and apparently deserved it. (James, Anne Royall's U.S.A., pp184).

02/28 - Baltimore obtains charter for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p30)

March, 1827

03/16 - First issue of Freedom's Journal, a black-run abolitionist newspaper, in New York.

03/20 - Stock in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad made available. The city of Baltimore alone subscribed over 4 million dollars. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p30)

April, 1827

04/24 - Charles Francis Adams, somewhat cryptically notes in diary breakup with his mistress, 4 weeks after finalization of his engagement.


05/25 - 3rd son of Mary and Nathan Appleton, George William, died (born 10/1/26). (Source: Tharp - Appletons of Beacon Hill)

June, 1827

06/09 - Frances Wright and Robert Dale Owen sail from New Orleans to Europe on the New England.

06/15 - The Mechanics Institute was incorporated in Boston, MA. (source: Annals of N. America)

06/25 - The Gazette appeared in Cincinnati. (source: Annals of N. America) It was a daily paper and existed as of 1877 when Annals was published.

July, 1827

07/02 - Thomas Cooper gave the speech in which he used the phrase "calculate the value of the union". (Source: Freehling, Nullification Era, p20)

07/04 - The act abolishing slavery went into effect in New York.


07/28 - The Genius of Universal Emancipation published an article furnished it by James Richardson, one of the trustees of Nashoba, which hopelessly engulfed the venture in scandal. (Source: Eckhardt, Fanny Wright, p141)

August, 1827

08 (exact date unknown) Lewis Tappan comes from Boston to New York to help his brother Arthur "with the Fall rush" (Source: Wyatt-Brown, Lewis Tappan, p31)

08/01 - Seargent S. Prentiss left his hometown of Portland, ME for Mississippi, where he would begin his career as a schoolmaster. (Source: Dickey, Prentiss, p26)

08/06 - A treaty was made -- later ratified on April 1828 and proclaimed by the president in May, provided for a 10-year extension of the treaties of 1815 and 1818. It put boundary questions to the arbitration of the king of the Netherlands.(source: Annals of N. America)

08/30 - Thurlow Weed, in the Rochester Telegraph wrote that he believed William Morgan had been murdered and that the trials in Canandaigua had "prevented the disclosure of the facts", and went on the pledge support for the Anti-masonic slate.

(Source: Van Deusen, Weed, p41).

September, 1827

09/03 - Mary Shelley declines to follow Fanny Wright to America to join the Nashoba colony, though she told Wright: "You do honor to our species, & what perhaps is dearer to me, to the feminine part of it." (Source: Eckhardt, Fanny Wright, p152)

October, 1827

10/01 - Sam Houston inaugurated governor of TN. (Source: Da Bruhl, Sword of San Jacinto, p90)

10/07 - A body was washed up where Oak Orchard Creek runs into Lake Ontario in New York State. It was said by Anti-Masons (lead by Thurlow Weed) to be that of William Morgan who had disappeared a year previously. The body was repeatedly exhumed and examined; charges were made that the Masons had switched the body to prevent identification or that the Anti-Masons had plucked out the corpses's whiskers to hide its dissimilarity to Morgan. Thurlow Weed was accused of saying it was a "good enough Morgan until after the election", but insisted himself that he said "until you bring back the one you carried off".

(Source: Van Deusen, Weed, p41).

10/29 - Marriage of Ellis Gray Loring and Louisa Gilman.

November, 1827

11/03 - Frances (Fanny) Wright and Frances Trollope board the ship Edward at Tower Stairs, sailing for America. They were accompanied by Trollope's 2nd son, Henry, her two daughters, Emilia and Cecelia, and servants Hester Rust and William Abbott, and Auguste Hervieu. (Source: Eckhardt, Fanny Wright, p155)

11/20 - Surveys are begun for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p31)

December, 1827

12/03 - First issue of The Marylander, a paper advocating the John Q. Adams' reelection to the presidency (discontinued after the election).(Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p31)

12/25 - The party of Frances (Fanny) Wright and Frances Trollope reach New Orleans from England. (Source: Introduction to Trollope, Domestic Manners of the Americans, p.xvii)