Brief Biographies from the Jackson/Van Buren Era (Y):

Young, Brigham 1801 - 1877 :

One of the first Mormon church leaders. Vermont-born, he settled in 1829 as a tradesman, in Monroe County NY, near the center of Joseph Smith's activities, and was converted in 1832. Became a leader in the church from the beginning, and served as a missionary in England from 1839-41. In 1847, succeeded Joseph Smith (who was killed by a mob) as leader of the church. He directed the migration of Mormons to Great Salt Lake Valley, Utah. First governor of territory of Utah from 1849-57. This ended when he was removed from office (territorial governors were appointed) by President Buchanan. As a polygamist and proponent of the early Mormon justification of polygamy, he was indited in 1871, but was not convicted.