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Gallatin, James (ed. Viscount Gallatin), The Diary of James Gallatin (London: Heinemann, 1916)

James was secretary to his father, Albert Gallatin.

Garfield, James A., Diary of James A. Garfield, vol 1 (1848-71), 2 (1872-74). (Michigan State U. Press 1967)

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Garrison, Wendell Phillips and Garrison, Francis Jackson, William Lloyd Garrison, The Story of his Life, Told by his Children (New York: Century, 1885,..)

P:20,Cranbury bw (1q98)

Gassner, John Best Plays of the Early American Theatre (New York: Crown, 1967)

Includes "The Contrast" (1787) by Royal Tyler,"Superstition" (1824) by James N. Barker, "Charles the Second" (1824) by John Howard Payne and Washington Irving, "Fashion" (1845) by Anna Cora Mowat, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (1852) by George L. Aiken, "The Octoroon" by Dion Boucicault.

Gatell, Frank Otto, Essays on Jacksonian America (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1970).

Gates, Henry Louis Jr., ed., The Classic Slave Narratives (Penguin, NY, 1987).

Gaustad, Edwin S., A Documentary History of Religion in America to the Civil War (Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, MI, 1982):

Most interesting for its diversity; less so for depth in any particular area. Contains a very wide range of short source documents, accompanied by explanatory text, on all facets of American religion, from a little bit on the religions of certain American Indian tribes, to a bit more of European pre-settlement context. Beyond this point, it focuses on the English colonies, and then the United States, but goes into many nooks and crannies, such as the Oneida community with its "complex marriage", early African-American Methodism, spiritualism, Millerism, etc. At the end of each chapter are fairly thorough guides to further reading.

Gilje, Paul A.; Rock, Howard B. (eds), Keepers of the Revolution : New Yorkers at Work in the Early Republic (Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 1992)

Gilje, Paul A., The Road to Mobocracy: Popular Disorder in New York City, 1763-1834, (Chapel Hill, NC: U. NC Press)

Gleig, George R., A Subaltern in America, Comprising his Narratives of the Campaigns (Philadelphia 1826). Earlier published in London (1821) as A Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans

An important source for descriptions of the Battle of New Orleans, as observed from the British side.

Goodrich, Samuel Griswold, Recollections of a Lifetime (2 vol) (NY and Auburn, 1857).

Cited in Niven, Welles as source for early 19c Hartford.

Gray, Ralph D., The National Waterway: A History of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal 1769-1985 (U. of Illinois Press: 1967, 1989)

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R.U.L.: HE396.C4G7

Greeley, Horace, Recollections of a Busy Life (NY: Chelsea House, 1983)

P:$1+nj-tx, SBS annual sale (97?).
"edited reprent of the reissue by the Kennikat Press Edition of the 1873 Edition".
Great American Autobiographies series, Andrew E. Norman, General Editor.

Greven, Philip J., Child-rearing concepts, 1628-1861; historical sources, (Itasca, IL: F. E. Peacock Publishers, 1973)

[on Amazon: Child-Rearing Concepts, 1628-1861 ]


[Rutgers Library Listings for Experience(Religious)]

Greven, Philip J., Four generations : population, land, and family in colonial Andover, Massachusetts, (Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 1972)

Greven's first work.  One fascinating thing it identified about the early growth of New England was that, in a sparsely settled area, effectively quarantined from European diseases, and without an excess of mosquitoes, the typical pattern of parents losing half their children to disease did not apply, and so, from of quite a small initial immigration, there was a great population explosion, and within a few generations, sons of New England had to migrate to other parts of the country to put down roots.

Greven, Philip J., The Protestant temperament : patterns of child-rearing, religious experience, and the self in early America, (New York : Knopf, 1977)

RUL: BR515.G75 1977

Greven, Philip J., Spare the child : the religious roots of punishment and the psychological impact of physical abuse, (New York : Knopf /Random House, 1991)

 It seems that after (or well into) a distinguished career as a historian, studying matters related to childrearing, Prof Greven became an advocate against child abuse.  When I met him presenting at a series in Newark, he gave me his card on behalf of an organization for that purpose

Gronowicz, Anthony, Race and class politics in New York City before the Civil War (Boston : Northeastern University Press, c1998)

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