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Kane, Harnett T., Natchez on the Mississippi (New York: Bonanza Books, 1947)

Appears to be a novelistic set of character sketches of mostly the "refined" classes, and of places where the lived.

Many photographs of old Natchez mansions (b&w and mostly very grainy), and a pictorial map of the town (mid 19c?) with little drawings of the major sites on p350, and a list of descriptions of these sites on pp351ff.

Karcher, Carolyn L., The First Woman in the Republic, A Cultural Biography of Lydia Maria Child (Durham/London: Duke U. Press 1994)

Kemble, Frances Anne, Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839 (New York: Knopf/Meridian paperback 1961).

Kettell, Samuel, Specimens of American Poetry, with critical and Biographical Notices in three volumes (orig: Boston, 1828; reissue: Benjamin Blom, NY, 1967).

1200 pages of poetry obviously all written prior to the publication date, in 1828. Includes works of almost 200 individuals, including some unlikelies such as Joseph Story, Henry Ware, Jr.,

Klein, Milton M. et al, The Republican synthesis revisited : essays in honor of George Athan Billias / edited by Milton M. Klein, Richard D. Brown, John B. Hench. (Worcester : American Antiquarian Society, 1992).

R.U.L.: E210.R46 1992

The contents, taken from a symposium at the AAS, in honor of George Billias, on 11/4/89:

Began reading it 11/14/98.

Kornfeld, Eve, Margaret Fuller : a Brief Biography with Documents, (Boston, MA : Bedford Books, c1997)

Copyright 1998 by Hal Morris, Secaucus, NJ

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