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Daniel Walker Howe is a fine social historian and historian of ideas.
  From the end of the War of 1812 through the first railroads and telegraphs, the Mexican-American War which shifted America's center of gravity  to the slaveowning south.  Meanwhile, evangelism, temperance (anti-alcohol) and anti-slavery movements stirred up the country.

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Knickerbocker, New York Monthly Magazine, 1833-1860s.

Literary magazine which published works by many of the most popular and/or best writers of the time. Edited by Lewis Gaylord Clark, who took it over after a year and some months of brief editorships by Charles Fenno Hoffman, Timothy Flint, and Samuel D. Langtree.

Though it was unconnected with Washington Irving, much of was in his spirit - genteel, amusing, and apolitical. Very popular though not very financially successful. A group of contributors published, in 1855, The Knickerbocker Gallery as a benefit to its editor, Clark. The procedes helped pay for the home where he spent his last years.

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