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The Liberator (published in Boston by William Lloyd Garrison from January 1, 1831 til 186?).

A four page weekly, like most papers of the time, it was fiercely committed to the eradication of slavery. Supported largely by African Americans, it achieved great notoriety, especially for its small circulation, from its many involuntary subscribers - editors of southern newspapers and slavery defenders, who would quote extensively from it in the course of attacking it.

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Louisville Daily Journal

A "violently" anti-Jackson and pro-Clay paper which Abraham Lincoln's neighbor and friend, William Jones, storekeeper of Gentryville, subscribed to, and Lincoln borrowed to read. DAB (on Prentice) says it was 1st issued 11/24/1830 by George D. Prentice, in which case Lincoln didn't read it it Jones's store. (Source: Beveridge, Lincoln, I, p97).

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