Events and Dates in 1819

January, 1819

February, 1819

02/19 - Debut of Francis Wright's play Altorf at the Park Theatre in New York. Capacity of theatre was 2400. It was highly praised while Wright's authorship remained anonymous. (source: p27, Eckhardt,

March, 1819

April, 1819

04/26 - The first Lodge of Odd Fellows was organized at a tavern on Fell's Point (Baltimore); it was called Washington Lodge Number 1. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p28)

May, 1819

June, 1819

06/16 - Marriage of Lydia Huntley to Charles Sigourney in Hartford.

July, 1819

August, 1819

08 - "Peterloo Massacre". 60-100 thousand working class people gather at St. Peter's Field outside Manchester to demand political reform and end of the Corn Laws. They are charged by cavalrymen with sabers. Many die; over 100 women and girls injured. (source: p44 Eckhardt, Fanny Wright)

September, 1819

October, 1819

November, 1819

December, 1819