Events and Dates in 1834

January, 1834

February, 1834

March, 1834

03/25 - In Baltimore, the directors of the Bank of Maryland declared insolvency. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p34)

April, 1834

04/30 - In Baltimore, the United States Insurance Company suspended payment. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p34)

May, 1834

05/05 - U.S. Telegraph, in a satire, has Thomas Grimke preaching "that the practice among the male sex of wearing pantaloons in the summer season is ... unnatural, and therefore contrary to human duty. In accordance with this opinion, he has appeared for several days past in King Street in petticoats of striped gingham. To render the dress still more cool, it is made to reach just below the knees, and is worn with the old fashioned hoops" (Source: U.S. Telegraph, 5/5/34, quoted in Freehling, Prelude to Civil War, p181)

05/06 - The Maryland Savings Institution suspended operations, leading to a run on the Savings Bank of Baltimore,. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p34)

05/07 - The Jackson Republican Convention called for a meeting, in Baltimore, of friends of the national administration. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p35)

05/15 - In Baltimore, the meeting of friends of the national administration (see 5/7) took place. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p35)

June, 1834

July, 1834

August, 1834

September, 1834

October, 1834

10/06 - Marriage of Anna Cora Ogden, who became a very successful actress and playwright, to James Mowatt, a successful New York lawyer. (Source: DAB on Mowatt)

November, 1834

11/11- A locomotive, recently built by Charles Reeder of Baltimore, exploded on the B&O Railroad. (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p34)

December, 1834