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Daniel Walker Howe is a fine social historian and historian of ideas.
  From the end of the War of 1812 through the first railroads and telegraphs, the Mexican-American War which shifted America's center of gravity  to the slaveowning south.  Meanwhile, evangelism, temperance (anti-alcohol) and anti-slavery movements stirred up the country.

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Randall, Anne, & Foley, Robert, Newport, A Tour Guide (Old Saybrook, CT: Peregrine Press: 1983)

A wonderful resource, containing a couple of hundred photographs of historic houses and buildings and several detailed neighborhood maps.

Ransom, Teresa, Fanny Trollope: A Remarkable Life, (St. Martins Press, 1995)

Remini, Robert V., The Life of Andrew Jackson (1 vol abridgement)

Keywords: bio:Jackson, Andrew;us;antebellum;tennessee;jackson-era

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Keywords: bio:Jackson, Andrew;us;antebellum;tennessee;jackson-era

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Keywords: bio:Jackson, Andrew;us;antebellum;tennessee;jackson-era

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Keywords: bio:Jackson, Andrew;us;antebellum;tennessee;jackson-era

Fuller, Margaret; Reynolds, Larry J. ed, These Sad but Glorious Days : dispatches from Europe, 1846-1850, (New Haven : Yale University Press, c1991)

Richards, Leonard L., "Gentlemen of Property and Standing"; Anti-Abolition Mobs in Jacksonian America

Balances detailed analysis, and graphs and other quantitative material, with insights into particular men who lead and participated in riots against abolitionists and free blacks.

It describes how leading men, like James Watson Webb of New York's Courier and Enquirer, and Usher Linder, a prominent Illinois politician, incited and helped direct such riots. These men were also often very much involved in Jacksonian politics. He points out how Jackson himself denounced organized antislavery in his annual address on December 1835, calling for "severe penalties" to suppress their "unconstitutional and wicked" activities.

KEYWORDS: ownit;mobs;anti-abolition;1830s

Richardson, Robert D., Jr., Emerson, the Mind On Fire (Univ. of Calif Press 1995)

Riddle, Donald W., Congressman Abraham Lincoln (Westport CT: Greenwood 1979; Orig: U of IL Press 1957)

P:$3.00+nj-tx; SBS 11/20/98

Robbins, Caroline, The Eighteenth-Century Commonwealthman: Studies in the Transmission, Development, and Circumstance of English Liberal Thought from the Restoration of Charles II until the War with the Thirteen Colonies (Cambridge, MA 1959)

Robinson, Gertrude, David Urquart, Some Chapters in the Life of A Victorian Knight Errant of Justice and Liberty (New York: Augustus Kelley (reprint) 1920; Oxford: Basil Blackwell 1920)

P:$0.50+nj-tx; SBS 11/20/98

Rothman, David,
The Discovery of the Asylum, Social Order and Disorder in the New Republic
(Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 1971)

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Sketches of History, Life, and Manners, in the United States. By a traveller.
(New-Haven, Printed for the author, 1826)

NYPL: IID (Royall, A. Sketches of history, life and manners)

Anne Royall's first book, published in spring 1826 by the printing firm of Durrie and Peck, on the decision of Thomas Green Woodward, co-owner of the Connecticut Herald.

Source: James, Anne Royall's U.S.A., p157

Rudolph, Frederick, ed., Essays on Education in the Early Republic (Cambridge, MA, 1965)

Contains Rush, "Plans for Est. of Public Schools", and Smith, "Remarks on Education...". Cited in Nash's article in Summer 1997 JER.

Ruffin, Edmund, The Diary of Edmund Ruffin, Vol II (Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1976)

P:$1.00+nj-tx; SBS 11/20/98

Rush, Benjamin, "Plan for the Establishment of Public Schools" [1786]

in Rudolph, Essays ...

Rusk, Ralph L., The Life of Ralph Waldo Emerson, (New York, Scribners 1949).

Cited in Cayton's 1989 book as one of her most important sources.

KEYWORDS: ownit; bio:Emerson,Ralph_Waldo; transcendentalism; us-new_england

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