Jacksonian Miscellanies, #24: July 29, 1997

Topic: Retrospective - Part I, issues 1-13

Copyright by the editor, Hal Morris, Secaucus, NJ 1997. Permission is granted to copy, but not for sale, nor in multiple copies, except by permission.

Jacksonian Miscellanies is a weekly (biweekly in the summer) email newsletter which presents short (typically chapter-length) documents from the United States' Jacksonian Era, with a minimum of commentary. Anyone can receive it for free by sending to hal@panix.com a message with

as either the subject line, or as the *only* line in the message body. If you want to make a comment or query, please send a separate message to hal@panix.com.

Jacksonian Miscellanies can also be read at http://www.panix.com/~hal/jmisc. The WWW version is augmented with much biographical, bibliographical, and other information.

Please direct responses to hal@panix.com, even though you may receive Jacksonian Miscellanies by way of a mailing list. That way I am more certain to read them, and perhaps, with your permission, post useful excerpts in a later issue.

NOTE: Jacksonian Miscellanies will be bi-weekly until the end of summer. It will be weekly again starting in September.

Due to many schedule disruptions, I am making this and the next issue consist of a collection of excerpts from past issues.

I hope it is useful as a set of "highlights", or to serve as a guide to the archived back issues on the web page (http://www.panix.com/~/hal/jmisc, as noted above).

Issue #1: January 14, 1997 (God in New England: From Terror of the Innately Depraved to Kind Father).

Issue #2: January 21, 1997 (New York Reminiscences)

Issue #3: January 28, 1997 (Words are Deeds)

Issue #4: February 4, 1997 (School Days)

Issue #5: February 11, 1997 (A Southern Tariff-Nullifier Appeals to Western "Brothers in Affliction")

Issue #6: February 18, 1997 (Mississippi River Traffic, and "Boom and Bust" in 1836-7)

Issue #7: February 25, 1997 (Veneration of Washington)

Issue # 8: March 4, 1997 (From the Roanoke to the Cumberland; Reuben Ross and Family Go West)

Issue #9: March 11, 1997 (Calvinism in Frontier Tennessee and Kentucky)

Issue #10: March 18, 1997 (Baptist Preachers on the Early Frontier)

Issue #11: March 25, 1997 (Frances Wright and Nashoba)

Issue #12: April 1, 1997 (Hoaxes, Cons, and Shaggy Dog Tales)

Issue #13: April 8, 1997 (Frances Wright and Nashoba - Part 2)

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