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Sandburg, Carl, Abraham Lincoln, (New York: Scribner's 1940) (6 volumes of which I'm missing the 6th)

Sandoz, Ellis, ed., Political Sermons of the American Founding Era, 1730-1805 (Indianna, Libert Press 1991).

Sanford, Charles L., Quest for America, 1810-1824, (New York: Doubleday/Anchor 1964)

SERIES: Documents in American Civilization


Saunders, William, ed. Colonial Records of North Carolina, 10 vols (Raleigh, NC, 1886-90)

Cited in Peter P. Hinks book on David Walker.

KEYWORDS: ownit; us-south; colonial;NC

Schlechter, Stephen L; Tripp, Wendell (eds) World of the Founders: New York Communities in the Federal Period (Albany: NY State Commission on the Bicentennian of the U.S. Constitution 1990)

P: ($0.25+nj-tx) - SBS 11/20/98


Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, The Age of Jackson, (Boston : Little, Brown, 1953, c1945.)

E381.S3 1953b

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., et al eds, History of American presidential elections, 1789-1968 (New York, N.Y. : Chelsea House Publishers, 1985- )

Standard 9 volume work found in many libraries

Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, ed., History of U.S. Political Parties. (New York, Chelsea House Publishers, 1973)

Standard 4 volume work found in many libraries

Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, Learning how to behave, a historical study of American etiquette books, (New York, The Macmillan company, 1946)

E161.S342L (96 pages)

Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, A Pilgrim's Progress: Orestes A. Brownson, (Boston, Little, Brown [1966])

B908.B64S35 1966

Scudder, Horace Elisha, James Russell Lowell, A Biography (Grosse Point, MI: Scholarly Press 1968; Orig. Houghton, Mifflin, 1901)

P:$1.00+nj-tx; SBS 11/20/98

Seilhamer, George O., History of the American Theatre: Before the Revolution, vol I, 1749-74 (Grosse Point, MI: Scholarly Press 1968; Orig. Phila:  1888)

P:$1.00+nj-tx; SBS 11/20/98

Sellers, Charles, The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America, 1815-1846 (NY: Oxford U. Press 1991)

Shepard, Odell, Pedlar's Progress, the life of Bronson Alcott (Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1937)

Lyrical in a way that does not annoy me (as did the early part of Sandburg's Abraham Lincoln). No footnotes! and the author is too preachy against Calvinism, but a beautifully written book. Have read to about p105 at this point.

Shepherd, Jack, Cannibals of the Heart: A Personal Biography of Louisa Catherine and John Quincy Adams (New York, McGraw-Hill 1980)

A sad portrait, marked by the suicide of one son, George Washington Adams, and the failure and early death, helped along by alcohol, of another, John Adams 2nd.

Sklar, Kathryn Kish, Catharine Beecher - A Study in American Domesticity (Norton and Yale U. Press, 1973/76)

Smith, Jeffery A.,
Printers and Press Freedom: The Ideology of Early American Journalism
NY: Oxford U. Press, 1988

R.U.L.: KF4774.S64 1988

P:$2.50+nj-tx; SBS 11/20/98

Notes: Contents: Philosophies and Practices (The English experience; the marketplace of ideas concept; the ideals of the Enlightenment); Political and Legal Questions (Sovereignty and Seditious Libel; Demands, Defenses and distinctions); The Ideology in Practice: The Case of Franklin and his Partners (the Colonial journalist: good humour'd unless provok'd; the enlightened printer: virtue and vituperation; the Prerevolutionary Printer: The ideal of impartiality; the revolutionary journalist: the court of the press).
  Partly funded by Center for Libertarian Studies
Author also of Franklin and Bache : envisioning the enlightened republic.

Smith, Margaret Bayard, First Forty Years of Washington Society.

A grouping of letters, edited by Gaillard Hunt in 1906, describing life in Washington from the point of view of a Federalist socialite married to a moderate Jeffersonian newspaperman. Descriptions of social events, personalities. One of the favorite sources of historians of that period.

Spark, Clare, [Correspondence] Enter Isabel : the Herman Melville correspondence of Clare Spark and Paul Metcalf, (Albuquerque : University of New Mexico) Press, c1991

Stark, Werner (1909-1985)

Closely associated with the "sociology of knowledge", but also, apparently, political economy, pre-capitalist economic thought, and the "bases of law-abidingness" (See The Social Bond..., a 6-vol opus), Sociology of Religion (5 vols)

Stark, Werner, The Fundamental Forms of Social Thought (Fordham University Press, 1963)

R.U.L.: HM19.S77

Began reading the week ending 11/15/98, and got to p40/41.

3 Parts:

Stark, Werner, History and Historians of Political Economy ; edited by Charles M.A. Clark.(New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, c1994)

R.U.L.: HB75.S6898 1994

Stark, Werner, Montesquieu, pioneer of the sociology of knowledge. (London, Routledge & Paul [1960])

R.U.L.: B2098.S6S8

Stark, Werner, et al, Pre-capitalist Economic Thought: Three Modern Interpretations.(New York, Arno Press, 1972 [c1959])

R.U.L.: HB79.P7

Series Title: (The Evolution of capitalism)

General Note: Reprint of The medieval theories of the just price, by J. W. Baldwin, first published 1959; of The contained economy, by W. Stark, first published 1956; and of Interest taken by Jews from Gentiles, by S. Stein, first published 1956.

Stark, Werner The social bond : an investigation into the bases of law-abidingness (New York : Fordham University Press, 1976), 6 volumes

R.U.L.: HM131.S794 v.1-6

P: ($0.25+nj-tx) - SBS 11/20/98 (for v5,v6 in one cover - paperback)

v5: Threats to the Social Bond: Contained Lawlessness; v6: Threats to the SOcial BOnd: Lawlessnes Rampant (Fragments)

Stark, Werner, The sociology of religion; a study of Christendom. (New York, Fordham University Press, 1966)

BL60.S73 1966a v.1-5

Fuller, Margaret; Steele, Jeffery ed, The Essential Margaret Fuller, (New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c1992.)

Sterling, Dorothy, Ahead of Her Time, Abby Kelley and the Politics of Antislavery (Norton, NY 1991):

Well-documented and well written biography an abolitionist and feminist.

Stewart, James Brewer, Holy Warriors: The Abolitionists and American Slavery (New York: Hill and Wang, 1996).

Stewart, James Brewer, William Lloyd Garrison and the Challenge of Emancipation (American Biographical History Series) (Arlington Heights, IL, 1992)

Strauss, Leo

Good starting point looks like: Pangle, ed; The Rebirth of Classical Political Rationalism : an Introduction to the Thought of Leo Strauss (1989).

Strauss is mentioned on 30+ pages of Pangle's Spirit of Modern Republicanism (1988), written the year before Pangle's Strauss volume.

Strauss is also cited extensively in the online article: "The Value-Centered Historicism of Edmund Burke" by Joseph Baldacchino (President of the National Humanities Institute as of 1995), which first appeared in Modern Age, Vol. 27, No. 2 (Spring 1983).

Strauss, Leo, Natural Right and History (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1953)

Pangle, Thomas L., ed; Strauss, Leo, The Rebirth of Classical Political Rationalism : an Introduction to the Thought of Leo Strauss : essays and lectures (Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1989)

RUL:  JA81.S756 1989

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