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Genessee Farmer and Albany Cultivator

Early 19c. edited by Willis Gaylord, uncle of Lewis and Willis Gaylord Clark.

The Genius of Universal Emancipation

Published by the Quaker abolitionist Benjamin Lundy. It was also for a short while (1829-30) coedited by William Lloyd Garrison. During this period it was published in Baltimore (where Frederick Douglass spent many years as a slave). Garrison soon wound up in a Baltimore prison on a slander charge. Arthur Tappan got him out by paying the fine, after which Lundy and Garrison went separate ways.

Greenville Mountaineer

A unionist or anti-nullification paper of Greenville, SC. Quoted throughout Freeling, Prelude to Civil War. Edited from 1832 by the prominent Benjamin F. Perry.

Greenville Sentinel

Greenville, SC. Nullification paper edited in the early 1830s by Turner Bynum, who challenged his fellow Greenville editor Benjamin F. Perry to a duel over a political disagreement, and was fatally wounded by Perry. (Source:  Freehling, Prelude to Civil War, p252 -- though the paper is not mentioned in Freehling's bibliographic essay).

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