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Saint Louis Enquirer

Edited by Thomas Hart Benton (for political reasons presumably, as he was a successful lawyer), from 1818 until sometime after he had launched his long Senatorial career, in 1820.

Purchased in 1824 by Duff Green, who used it to boost Andrew Jackson briefly before he came to Washington and purchased the United States Telegraph.

Sangamo Journal

Published in Springfield, IL beginning, probably in the late 1820s. Favored internal improvements, and became a Whig paper. Named for the Sangamon River, also called the Sangamo (see  Basler, Works of Lincoln, vol 1, p6) Lincoln often wrote for it.

Saturday Evening Post

Philadelphia based. Edited by Henry Peterson from 1846-74

Silliman's Journal

See American Journal of Science and Arts.

Southern Agriculturalist

Southern Literary Messenger (Richmond, VA)

Southern Patriot (Charleston SC)

Southern Times

Spirit of the Pilgrims

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