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Albany Daily Advertiser

Cited in Cole's MVB..., seemingly as the voice, in 1815, of the Clintonians, who at the time wanted to seat Daniel D. Tompkins in the White House, rather than James Monroe.

Founded in 1815 by Theodore Dwight, (DAB on Dwight); purchased in 1816 by Wm. Leete Stone in 1816, merged with Albany Gazette at that time, and failed in 1818 (DAB on Stone)

Albany Argus, mostly edited by Edwin Croswell.

Was for a couple of decades the mouthpiece of Van Buren and his political faction, generally known as the "Albany Regency".

(Cole, MVB, p92:) "In 1820, VB arranged to have the Argus sold to Moses I. Cantine and Isaac Leake." Cantine died, and was succeeded by Croswell in 1823.

Albany Evening Journal

Started by Thurlow Weed on March 22, 1830, the Journal started as an Anti-Masonic paper, then became an influential Whig paper, and served Weed throughout his life. It marked Weed's coming out from provincial, western New York State politics, as he rose to become a state power.

Albany Gazette

Merged with Albany Daily Advertiser (in 1817) when Wm. Leete Stone purchased it (DAB on Stone)

Albany Register

Edited in 1815 by Soloman Southwick (see p47, Cole's MVB....), a supporter of Madison, whom M. appointed postmaster of Albany.

American Farmer

American Journal of Education:

American Journal of Science and Arts:

American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine

Est in 9/29 by John S. Skinner.

Anti-Masonic Enquirer:

Founded by Thurlow Weed February 1828. It carried on for a couple of years

Argus of Western America (Frankfort, KY?)

Francis P. Blair's "slashing" Jacksonian paper, just prior to Blair's coming to Washington and setting up the Globe. Before Blair, it was edited by another Jacksonian, to become member of Jackson's "Kitchen Cabinet"; namely Amos Kendall.

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