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Washington Gazette

Later known as the Telegraph, after its purchase by Duff Green.

Washington Globe (December 7, 1830 - ?)

Became Andrew Jackson's party paper after Duff Green and the Telegraph turned against Jackson.

It was initially edited by Francis P. Blair, who previously edited the Argus of Western America.

Wayne Sentinel (Palmyra, Oct.,Nov 1832 - ?)

Western Farmer (Palmyra - Summer 1822 - ?)

Western Messenger (Cincinnati)

The organ of Unitarianism in the West (DAB); based in Cincinnati. Some of the earliest selections from Perry Miller's American Transcendentalists, an Anthology are from this publication.

Edited from April 1836 - October 1839 by James Freeman Clarke; and from June (?says DAB on Channing) of 1839 to March 41 by William Henry Channing; also

Western Monthly Magazine (Cincinnati, 1833-?):

Edited by James Hall, 1833-35.

Western World (Frankfort, early 1800s - ?)

Started by Joseph Montfort Street and John Wood; Wood withdrew in a dispute in 1807.

A pugnacious paper which helped prove Benjamin Sebastion to be in Spanish pay, and forced Aaron Burr to appear twice before a grand jury in KY in 1806, and resulted in a number of duels for Street, who abjured the practice after proving he could defend himself. (Source: DAB on Street)

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