(Other than political parties and churches).

Academy of Natural Sciences

American Anti-Slavery Society

American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society

American Bible Society :

American Colonization Society

American Education Society :

American Home Mission Society :

American Philosophical Society

American Sunday School Union :

American Tract Society :

American Union for the Relief and Improvement of the Colored People

Association of Gentlemen :

Freethinkers' Society (Boston)

Friends of Ireland Society

Est. 10/12/1840 in Boston to Irish Repeal. Initially, the Boston head was John W. James; the national head was Robert Tyler, son of the President.

Source: Ignatiev, How the Irish Became White, p15ff.

L.N.R.A., or Loyal National Repeal Association.

Irish organization, organized 4/15/1840, for repeal of the union between Britain and Ireland; i.e. for a separate Irish Parliament. ("Loyal" meant NOT for total independence of Ireland?).

Source: Ignatiev, How the Irish Became White, p14ff.

New England Anti-Slavery Society

Odd Fellows

For two references see 4/26/29 (first formation) 4/26/31 (dedication of a new lodge). (Source: Vexler, Baltimore, p20, 33)

Sisters of Providence

A school for black girls was established by them in Baltimore, 6/5/29.

Society for Promoting Manual Labor in Literary Institutions

One of many organizations founded by Arthur and Lewis Tappan. This one formed in July 1831, with Theodore Weld in a prominent role. (source: Thomas, Weld, p25)

States Rights and Free Trade Association (of South Carolina)

Formed in Charleston, SC at Fayolle's hall on 7/12/1831, with the object of "unifying the nullifiers' campaign, distributing propaganda, and arranging meetings ... educating and exciting the 'rable' [in violation of the old rules of aristocracy]". (Source:  Freehling, Prelude to Civil War, p224-5)

United States Peace Society

Founded in 1828 by William Ladd.

Young Men of Boston