Events and Dates in 1824

January, 1824

February, 1824

02/12 - Anne Royall wrote a letter, to introduce her novel, the Tennessean (her first and worst piece of writing) to the publisher Mathew Carey. She admitted that she "made a bungling hand of the shipwreck", having no knowledge of the sea. It was the start of a famous writing career (though not for writing fiction). [backward], [forward]

Source: James, Anne Royall's U.S.A., p93 (photostat of letter on next 2 pages).

March, 1824

03/02 - "Superstition" by James N. Barker first performed at the Chestnut Theatre in Philadelphia. Set in 1675 (Source: Gassner(ed), Best Plays, p38).

April, 1824

May, 1824

June, 1824

July, 1824

August, 1824

08/24 - Lafayette, the "guest of the nation" arrives in New York City to begin a year of being feted.(source: p78 Eckhardt, Fanny Wright)

September, 1824

09/10 - Harriet Beecher, age 15 and studying in her sister Catharine's new seminary in Hartford, writes to relatives "I do not study anything but Latin for the present am almost through the grammar I study mornings and afternoons and read in the time between five oclock and dark and work the evening." (Source: Hedrick, H.B. Stowe, p34)

09/11 - Fanny and Camilla Wright invited to stay with Maria Colden, wife of the former mayor of NY. (source: p79 Eckhardt, Fanny Wright)

09/14 - A huge fete for Lafayette is held at Castle Garden, NY (source: p79 Eckhardt, Fanny Wright)

October, 1824

10/12 - Lafayette arrives in Washington on his tour. (source: p82 Eckhardt, Fanny Wright). He was greated by an enormous crowd, 25 young ladies dressed in white, each with a flag, all but one standing for one of the 24 states. "An elegant carriage, drawn by six white horses" brought him into the city. Anne Royall ([backward], [forward]) managed to interview him, and get from him a letter testifying to her husband's services in the Revolutionary War. (James, Anne Royall's U.S.A., pp114-116).

November, 1824

December, 1824