Events and Dates in 1825

January, 1825

February, 1825

02/09 - The election, in the House of Representatives, of John Quincy Adams as president. Frances Wright was in the gallery, being in Washington because of her travels in the wake of Lafayette. (source: p86 Eckhardt, Fanny Wright).

02/28 - A benefit was held by Jonathan Stevenson, a Tammany boss, Freemason, and a proprieter of the Chatham Garden Theatre in New York, for the benefit of Anne Royall ([backward], [forward]). Royall had been traveling through the east trying to raise money and find a publisher for her book(s). The benefit gave her the large sum of $180. (James, Anne Royall's U.S.A., pp134-37)

March, 1825

03 - Frances Wright visits New Harmony, IN. At this time most of the inhabitants were still Rappites, in the process of moving out (to a new commune called Economy, north of Pittsburgh). Wright then went on to Albion where she met George Flower. (source: p89 Eckhardt, Fanny Wright)

03/28 - ([backward],[forward]))Anne Royall met Gov. De Witt Clinton. "Like all men of good sense, he uses few words. ... His whole deportment is dignified and commanding ... He is six feet at least ... He is a stout man, and though a little lame, an active man for his age." (James, Anne Royall's U.S.A., pp139-40)

April, 1825

04/02 - Anne Royall ([backward],[forward]) left Albany by stage for Springfield, MA, where she would tour the Ames Paper Mill, and describe their workings in her Sketches... (James, Anne Royall's U.S.A., pp142)

May, 1825

June, 1825

06/16 - In Boston, a lavish reception was given for the Marquis de Lafayette at the home of Mayor Josiah Quincy. The 15 year old Margaret Fuller, and her parents, attended. (Source: Capper, Margaret Fuller, p87).
   Anne Royall ([backward],[forward]), seeking support to publish her first book, was in Boston, and attended Lafayette's laying of the cornerstone of the Bunker Hill monument. (James, Anne Royall's U.S.A., p150)

July, 1825

August, 1825

September, 1825

October, 1825

November, 1825

December, 1825