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Palmyra Herald and Canal Advertiser (July 17, 1822 - ?)

Pendleton Messenger

Pendleton, SC. Publisher of Calhoun's Fort Hill Address.

Philadelphia Aurora (or General Advertiser)

Founded by Franklin's grandson, Benjamin Franklin Bache, who was joined by William Duane in 1796. Bache died in 1798 (he was arrested in July of that year under the Sedition act), leaving Duane to continue the paper until 1822.

Plattsburg Republican, edited til at least 1823 by Azariah Flagg

Plattsburg, NY is about as far "upstate" as one can get; north of most of the Adirondacks, just across Lake Champlain from Flagg's home state of Vermont.

Plough Boy (the) (Albany, NY)

Edited by Solomon Southwick from 1819-23. (Source: DAB)

Portland Courier

  • Portland ME. Begun by Seba Smith, Oct 13, 1829. First Daily paper in Maine. Vehicle for the first Jack Downing letters. (There were others copied by other writers). (Sources: DAB and Annals N.Am)

  • Portsmouth Oracle

    Portsmouth, NH. Took the side of the board of trustees (as did Daniel Webster) in the Dartmouth College case. Called Isaac Hill, of the New Hampshire Patriot, a "malicious reptile" who "probably never saw the inside of a college" (see 10/14/1815 - cited in Bartlett, Webster)

    Poulson's American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia)

    Edited and published by Zachariah Poulson, a Philadelphia native, from 1800 - 39

    Princeton Review

    Started by Charles Hodge anti-New School professor of Princeton Theological Seminary. (source: Auto...Beecher, II, p96)

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