Educational Institutions in the Early Republic

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Academy of Natural Sciences (<= link under associations).

American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy

The American Lyceum

Amherst College

Andover Theological Seminary

Boston Latin School

Boston Mechanics' Institute

Bowdoin College

Brown University

Cambridgeport - the Port School

Cincinnati University

Columbia (New York)

Cooper Union

Dartmouth College

Episcopal Academy of Connecticut

In Cheshire, CT, about 15 miles north of New Haven. Described by Glenn Weaver in Ct Historical Soc. Bulletin, Jan., 1962, as "America's First 'Junior College'".

Gorham Academy

For two years (1818-20?) the extraordinary William Smyth assisted Reuben Nason there, before entering Bowdoin as a Junior.

Fryeburg Academy

 Benjamin Sanborn (Bowdoin 1822) fitted for college there, and there he wrenched his knee in wresting becoming lame for life.

Hamilton College

Hartford Female Seminary

Harvard University and Theological Seminary

Illinois College

Knox College

Lane Theological Seminary

Middlebury College

Mount Bethel (S.Carolina)

Mount Vernon School (Boston, 1828-?)

A "pioneer institution" for educating young women, founded by Jacob Abbott.
Source: DAB on Jacob Abbott.

Nashville, University

New Jersey, College of

Norwich University

Oberlin College and Theological Seminary

Oneida Institute:

Portland Academy, Portland Maine

Many graduates of Bowdoin College went here first, including Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (who went on to Bowdoin in 1821).
Jacob Abbott taught there in 1820-21.

The Port School (xref)

University of Philadelphia

Phillips Academy (later: Phillips Andover)

Phillips Exeter Academy

Princeton University

Rhode Island College

Round Hill School

South Carolina College

Transylvania University

Troy Female Seminary

Union College (Schenectady, NY)

Union Theological Seminary

Waterville College

In Waterville Maine. Alma mater of Elijah Lovejoy.

West Point

Western Reserve College

William and Mary

Williams College

Yale University

Young Ladies' Academy of Philadelphia

General References:

Tewksbury, Donald G. The Founding of American Colleges and Universities Before the Civil War (with particular reference to the religious influences bearing upon the college movement), (Orig. Columbia University 1932; reissued:Archon Books 1965)

An old classic; very thorough though I've seen 1 or 2 references to inaccuracies.

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